Värmekänsligt pigment

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Värmekänsligt pigment som skiftar färg när det utsätts för olika temperaturer, tex kroppsvärmen från en hand på tyget.



THERMO CHROMIC CONC COLOURS are a range of heat-sensitive colouring matter containing substances which show thermochromism ie change of colour at different temperatures.

THERMO CHROMIC colour has a pigmenting property and the physical and chemical fastness is a function of the capsule film, whilst light fastness is related to the property of colouring matter involved.

General Properties

THERMO CHROMIC Conc Colours are spherical particles approximately 5 – 30 microns in diameter. The capsule film is water insoluble, however, it is possible to dissolve and to sell this by almost all solvents (for example, alcohols, esters and ketones of low molecule weight). The capsule is subsequently destroyed and loses its colour changing action. In the same way, the capsule can also be damaged by pressure or friction.

The product is safe to use as it does not directly come into contact with the skin.

At high temperature – low temperature the colour disappears and reappears. Therefore, if the THERMO CHROMIC Conc Colours are blended with general pigments a unique colour changing reaction can be obtained.

THERMO CHROMIC Conc Colours are used for a variety of purposes for example, printing or coating garments, colouring for sponge material and pigment dyeing of garments, etc.


The THERMO CHROMIC Conc Colours are highly concentrated dispersed pastes.

In the process of printing fibres (cotton, polyester, polyamide, etc), chromatic to achromatic prints can be obtained by mixing ordinary organic pigments.

These are three temperature ranges in the following colours: Gold Orange, Fast Blue, Fast Black, Magenta and Brilliant Green.


Cut Clear 920 – 470
Thermo Chromic Colour 10 – 100
Fixator CM/F 30 – 30 *optional
Normal pigment X – X *optional
Total 1000 1000
  • A high level of binder is necessary due to the relatively high pigment concentration being used. A specially prepared system can be supplied if desired.

Alternatively they can be added to various bases and/or colours, dependent on the desired effect.

Use 80 – 100 mesh screen printing, pre-dry and cure at 150°C for 4 minutes.

Thickening method – add water base thickener or acrylic thickener.


CAUTION: Avoid steam treatment – THERMO CHROMIC Colours are destroyed by steam. technical data Page 3 of 3 THERMO CHROMIC CONC COLOURS – FASTNESS PERSPIRATION THERMO CHROMIC CONC COLOURS LIGHT ACID ALKALI CHLORINATED WATER WASHING 40°C GOLD ORANGE 4 3 3 – 4 3 – 4 3 – 4 FAST BLUE 1 2 2 2 – 3 3 – 4 FAST BLACK 2 3 3 – 4 3 – 4 3 – 4 MAGENTA 2 – 1 3 3 – 4 N/A 3 – 4 BRILLIANT GREEN 2 – 1 3 3 – 4 N/A 3 – 4 NB: Colours printed on cotton 300 gpk.



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